Make The Most Of Your ‘Me Time’—Tips For Using Scented Candles


Relaxation—it’s something we all need after a long hard day or week, the chance to unwind, destress, and let the worries of the world float away. And nothing helps set the mood for relaxation better than scented candles. Which is why it’s all the more disheartening when that bubble bursts, or when your relaxation plans turn out to be anything but. Here are our top tips for ensuring you get the most out of your scented candles, and that you can really relax in peace.

Burn Correctly

I know what you’re thinking, is there really a correct way to burn scented candles? Yes, there is, and it genuinely makes a difference. When you first use your candle, keep it burning for somewhere between 1-4 hours, waiting for the top layer to become an even pool of wax. This will reduce the chances of tunnelling—ensuring your candle burns long enough for the aromas to take hold. After each future use, trim the wick to roughly a quarter of an inch and re-centre it before blowing the candle out. This will help to make it easier to light and prevent soot stains.

Burn Time

The amount of time you leave your candle to burn is also vitally important—and remember that you need to set them aside for long periods of relaxation and ambience, at least 1 hour. If you need a quick spruce up of scents in your home, consider a diffuser instead. Scented candles should also never be used for more than 4 hours, and 24 hours should be left between uses.

Care And Cleaning

Like most things—scented candles need to be properly looked after. Knowing how to clean and take care of your candles will ensure they burn properly and that you get the most of those tantalizing aromas. Always make sure you clean off any dust or soot stains around the candle—the smell of smoke can easily overpower the scents. You should also remove any excess wax or wax pools at the bottom of the candle. When cleaning your candle make sure you use a soft cloth and a gentle touch—and it goes without saying that you need to wait until the candle has fully cooled!

Choose Your Scent Carefully

We understand the impulse—you’re immediately drawn to the scents and aromas that speak to you, the ones with personal meaning or that you simply think will smell amazing. But, when it comes to making the most of aromatherapy and setting that truly relaxing atmosphere—how you compose your scents can make a huge difference. If you’re looking for scents that will really last—lingering in the air and helping transport your mind—opt for candles with strong bass notes such as patchouli and other woody or herbaceous notes. If you want a bit more of a punch to your scented candles, blend these with floral middle notes or citrus top notes.

Also, consider the kind of atmosphere and effect you’re trying to create. If you’re aiming for something that soothes mind and body—maybe after a hard session at the gym, or if you’re trying to put yourself in a creative mood—opt for candles that contain essential oils such as lavender. On the other hand, if you simply want to relax and drift away, try opting for something a little stronger such as sandalwood or myrrh.

No matter what scents you choose—keep in mind that after repeated exposure to the same scent our olfactory systems adjust to it, lessening its impact and making it seem as though the scent has disappeared. Considering using different scents in different areas of the home, or changing the scent combinations you use frequently.


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