Ingredient Spotlight: The Benefits Of Green Tea

It’s one of the hottest ingredients in health and skincare—but in fact, green tea has been used for its amazing properties for centuries. It began in the 7th century when Japanese monks visiting China discovered it, and since then the consumption of green tea has been a staple part of Japanese culture. Today, green tea is more than just a drink, it has worked its way into skincare regimens across the world. This isn’t just a fad—it’s rooted in some of the amazing properties and benefits green tea brings.

Anti-ageing Properties

If there’s one thing that green tea has in abundance its antioxidants—which are vital to helping prevent the telltale signs of ageing. That’s because antioxidants help to fight off ‘free radicals, the chemicals that contribute to the development of both fine lines and wrinkles. What makes green tea truly unique is the presence of epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants and a key component behind developing healthy glowing skin. Green Tea is also rich in both Vitamin B and E—both of which boost collagen production and promote skin elasticity.

Combat Oily Skin

No one wants oily skin—and we all know the havoc it can play on your makeup routine! Thankfully, green tea could be the answer to your problems. Green tea contains tannins—astringent compounds that work to tone and even out your skin, all whilst closing up the clogged pores that contribute to oily skin. This has the added bonus of fighting acne breakouts!

Gentle Exfoliation

There’s a fine line we all have to walk when it comes to exfoliation—keeping things gentle will lead to a glowing complexion, but you have to be careful not to over-exfoliate. Green Tea skincare products are a great part of any exfoliation routine, gently removing dead skin and dirt all whilst leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Caffeine Kick

Many us enjoy—and maybe even depend—on having a little caffeine in our lives. But did you know that it’s one of the reasons why green tea makes such an amazing skincare ingredient? As unbelievable as it may seem, it’s true. The caffeine in green tea actually helps to shrink blood vessels—which can reduce redness, puffy eyes, and dark circles.

Benefits For Your Hair Too

Green tea doesn’t just help give your skin a glow-up—it can also do wonders for your hair! Using green tea as a part of your hair care regimen can help to combat the causes of dandruff—such as an oily or dry scalp. In addition to that, green tea can also help you have fuller and thicker hair. This is thanks to the antioxidants it contains which help to stimulate skin cells in hair follicles that trigger growth.

Don’t Forget To Drink It

As important as green tea is as a skincare ingredient—there’s still no substitute for drinking it. With a refreshing taste and zing, there’s nothing like a crisp freshly brewed green tea. And why stop there, there’s no limit to the ways you can incorporate green tea into your diet. Whether that’s green tea ice cream, a green tea and chocolate mousse, or even using it to marinade or smoke meats and tofu! And, there are a number of benefits to including green tea in your diet.

Calm And Focused

Green tea contains both moderate amounts of caffeine and L-theanine, an active ingredient that can cross the blood-brain barrier and trigger an increase in dopamine levels. This, and the calming routine of serving tea itself, all make green tea an excellent way to stay relaxed and focused when you’re trying to concentrate.

A Metabolic Boost

The chemical properties of green tea also mean that it can help to increase your metabolic rate. This makes it the ideal complement to your regular workout routine—whether you want to wind down with a nice brew afterwards, or mix things up and add a kick to your pre-workout smoothie.

Skincare is only as good as the ingredients used—which is why all of the products we use here at the House Of Purple Rose are carefully formulated to give our customer’s the best experience possible. To find out more, why not check out our latest and best products by browsing our website.

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