How To Look After Your Skin This Winter


There’s a lot to love about winter—snuggling up on those long nights, the chance to wake up to an ocean of snow-covered fields, the prospect of Christmas just a couple of months away! But it can be a difficult time for your skin—which is why it’s important to make sure your skin is looked after throughout the winter. Here are our top tips for how to look after your skin this winter.

Home Conditions

Your skincare routine in the winter begins at home—especially considering how much time you may be spending indoors hiding from the elements. The most important thing you can do is invest in a humidifier for your living room or common area. The humidifier will work to increase the moisture level in the atmosphere, helping your skin to stay hydrated. Additionally, resist the urge to crank up the heating too high. It may seem cozy, but it will create extra dryness that affects your skin.

Maintain A Helpful Diet

As we all know—there is a direct link between diet and skincare. This is something you can use to your advantage to help combat dry skin. Leading nutritionists recommend a diet that is laden with walnuts, olive oil, and avocados. And, while it can be difficult throughout Christmas, keep a careful eye on your caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

No matter what steps you take next—they won’t be effective unless you start with some light exfoliation. Such as a gentle scrub that relies on mild glycolic or lactic acid to remove dead skin. If you have especially sensitive skin—skip the products altogether and exfoliate using a damp washcloth for a softer option that is easy on your skin.

Stick With The Right Antioxidants

As a general rule—most of your summer antioxidants should be swapped out of your skincare routine. However, when it comes to serums they can have a year-round positive effect on your skin. No matter what the climate—your skin is always at risk from ‘free radicals’ which cause the breakdown of collagen, and premature fine lines. To combat this, a vitamin C based serum should be applied as your first layer.

Cleansing Oil

Come the winter months, a hydrating cleansing oil should be an essential part of your skincare routine. Choosing a cleanser with natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil will help to rid your skin of impurities and remove makeup without drying it out.

Make The Right Changes

The winter months come with one thing no matter what—and that’s an increased level of dryness and harsh conditions. In order to keep your skin soft and hydrated, you need to be willing to select the right products for the season. This means opting primarily for cream-based cleansers, and avoiding toners and astringents wherever possible. If you have any skincare products that contain alcohol—which is known to exacerbate skin dryness—then you should try and avoid them throughout the dry winter months. For your night time routine, use a richer moisturizer.

Moisturize Frequently

With the increased dryness that comes in the winter months, moisturization becomes even more important. The best way to do this is by using creams or ointments—which are ideal for cold and dry climates. In particular focus on creams that utilize ceramides—as ceramides aid in strengthening the barrier of the skin, which can be broken down easily during the winter.

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