Essential Tips For Keeping Your Skin Radiant And Rejuvenated

Keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy isn’t just about buying a couple of products for regular use and hoping that will be enough! Your skin is a living and breathing part of your body and keeping it healthy is all about rejuvenation. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your skin rejuvenated and radiant.

Stick To A Sleep Schedule

Sticking to a sleep schedule may not seem like a big deal, after all, what’s a few hours here and there? Well, it can make all the difference! If you’re not getting the right amount of sleep the telltale signs will begin to show on your skin— most experts recommend between 6 and 8 hours of sleep every night for a radiant and well-rested glow. It’s not just about the duration though—the quality of sleep is also vitally important. It’s only during the deep sleep stage that your skin will begin its natural rejuvenation and repair cycles, that’s why we recommend a soothing sleep mask to help block out light and ensure you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Develop An Overnight Skincare Routine

There’s more to the sleep portion of skincare routine than simply clocking in a solid 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Your overnight skincare routine will play an essential role in keeping your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated. The building block of this should be applying a night cream on a daily basis. Using a high-quality moisturizing cream will help to ensure your skin is nourished and cared for whilst you sleep. The ideal time to do this is after you’ve applied cleanser and toner—as this will ensure that the cream can sink into your pores.

Regular Exfoliation

No matter what your skincare routine is—it must include a regular schedule of exfoliation. Exfoliation is vital for removing the top layers of dead skin, something that expedites your skin’s natural healing process and helps to spur the production of collagen. Exfoliation also removes dry and dull patches to unlock a layer of glowing and rejuvenated skin.

Watch What You Eat And Drink

A well-balanced diet is essential to keeping your skin rejuvenated—and this should begin with antioxidants. By incorporating fruit and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants you can help rejuvenate your skin. Also look out for foods such as walnuts, flaxseed oil, and salmon—these foods are brimming with Omega-3 an essential acid that helps develop healthy cell formation in your skin. It’s also helpful if you incorporate these foods into your morning routine, we recommend a refreshing glass of lemon juice alongside a berry and nut granola bursting with all your favorite flavors. Let’s not forget  drink plenty of water!!

When In Doubt—Detox

No matter how well thought out your skincare routine is—life has a habit of throwing things into chaos every now and then. But don’t worry, whether you’ve been stressed and busy or simply had to stay up late one too many times—a detox treatment can be a great way to rejuvenate your skin and get back into your routine.

Be Specific

Once you have a set skincare routine, one primed to keep your skin radiant and rejuvenated, you should also be on the lookout for ways to target specific concerns. For example, if you have blemishes or problem areas of dryness or uneven skin, it’s important to target those areas specifically with relevant treatments. This could mean using products such as Vitamin C powder for brightening or hyaluronic acid for moisture or using natural treatments to target blemishes. One of our favorite tricks is the banana mask, by mashing banana you can draw on its plentiful reserves of Vitamin C and B26—and all you need to make the mask at home is a drop of honey and olive oil.


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