Skincare Tips For This Unexpected Warm Weather

If it seems like the summer weather is lasting longer and longer each year—then you’re probably onto something! Every year September and October tend to feature weeks where you’d be forgiven for wishing you were still on holiday. We’re not complaining, especially when it comes to those precious weekends off in the sun—but it can wreak havoc on our skincare routines. Which is why we’re taking our time this week to look at some warm weather skincare tips to help you cope with an exceptionally sunny September.

Light And Breezy

Imagine for a moment that you woke up to clear skies and a blazing sun and decided to put on your thickest winter coat—it would be madness. Well, your skin deserves the same common-sense approach. Consider opting for lighter skincare options and treatments—such as replacing a cream or oil-based cleanser with a gentler foaming option.

Mattifying Treatments

Oily skin is always a threat to get out of control—but this is even more of a concern when it comes to warmer weather. That’s why we recommend you have a mattifying product on hand to help blot oil breakthroughs and minimize sheen.

Exfoliate More, Not Less

Undoubtedly you’ve been warned of the perils of over-exfoliation—and we’d always advise against overdoing things—but during the warmer weather is the right time to be more liberal with your peels and scrubs. In the winter, dry or flaky skin can cause an adverse reaction to these products, but in the summer this worry dissipates.

Best Of Both Worlds

When it comes to looking after your skin in the sun, the best product in your routine will undoubtedly be your combination sunscreen-moisturiser. By using a lightweight moisturiser with an SPF of 30 or higher you’ll be able to keep out those harmful UV rays, freshen your skin, and keep your skincare routine light and easy on your face.

Invest In A Vitamin C Serum

During those sun-filled months, Vitamin C becomes increasingly vital for our skin. A healthy dose of Vitamin C can help to combat hyperpigmentation and the appearance of fine lines as well as boosting collagen production. Also consider opting for a diet which is rich in vitamin C foods such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and broccoli.

Mask On

Exposure to both heat and sun can run the risk of leaving your skin red or drained of its vitality—if this happens then a soothing facemask could be just the thing for you. Plus, we can’t think of a more relaxing way to unwind after a long hot day!

In The Mist

So much of our skincare routine happens in the morning and the night that it can be easy to forget that we need to look after our skin troughout the day too. This is even more crucial during warmer weather. One way this can be done is by spritzing yourself with a cooling and hydrating mist throughout the day.

Avoid Those Long Showers

Don’t get us wrong—we are absolutely not telling you avoid showering, especially after a long day sweating in the hot sun. But it’s true that taking long hot showers can lead to overly dry skin and inflammation problems. We recommend short showers of four to five minutes and keeping the temperature as low as you can take it!

Repeat After Me: SPF. SPF. SPF.

It is impossible for us to understate the importance of SPF protection during the warmer weather—especially if it’s unexpected or irregular. A broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher should be applied to all areas of exposed skin for maximum coverage. And don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.

No matter what the weather—your skin deserves to look its best. And at the House Of Purple Rose, we have everything you need to keep your skin looking sensational. To find out more, browse our products page or contact us today.

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