How To Keep Well During The Coronavirus Outbreak


While the Coronavirus outbreak is worrying and stressful for everyone, the most important thing to do is to stay mentally and physically healthy. Here are four ways to keep well during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak is causing anxiety and worry as regular routines face disruption. While it is concerning and stressful for all, the important thing to do during this time is to take care of our physical and mental health. So, if you’re in isolation or still having to work through this outbreak, how can you boost your wellness? Here are four ways to keep well during the Coronavirus outbreak;

1.      Increase Your Sleep

Sleep is vital for our immune functionality while also recharging the brain to help boost your mood, focus and concentration. It is important to get between seven and nine hours of quality sleep per night. During your sleep, your body makes cytokines which help to improve your immune response, the less rest you have, the fewer cytokines you produce.

So, to keep well during the Coronavirus outbreak, try and establish a sleep routine that works for you. This may include a warm bath, turning off devices an hour or two before bed and gentle stretching to give your brain a chance to unwind.

2.      Reduce Your Anxiety

Understandably, Coronavirus is causing a great deal of anxiety. However, the more stress and worry you have, the more you compromise your immune system. Stress causes an inflammatory response in the body which can mean we are more vulnerable to infections and illness.

Meditation can really help to reduce anxiety. There are some free Coronavirus-specific meditations that can help such as this program and on Insight Timer.

Find yourself a quiet place to meditate and light a relaxing scented candle to help focus your mind and give you a comfortable place to focus.

3.      Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

If you now have more time at home due to lockdowns and self-isolation, it is an excellent opportunity to review your skincare regime and set in place a routine that works for you. Focusing on your skincare can actually improve your mental health too. This is because the practice of caring for your skin has a meditative effect on the mind. Furthermore, massaging your face and neck will increase the blood flow and relieve any tension you may be carrying.

Try popping on a guided meditation, or a recording of positive affirmations. Then, take your time to deeply cleanse, treat and moisturise your skin. Find the best products for your new skincare routine here.


4.      Work On Your Creativity

Another way you can boost your immune system so you can keep well during the Coronavirus outbreak is by being creative. If you’re spending more time at home because of a lockdown situation, then it offers a perfect opportunity to get creative.

It could be as simple as doodling on a scrap of paper. You could also try sewing, writing, painting or dancing. All of these are creative activities that can improve your immune system and boost your happiness and mental wellbeing.

Whether you’re under the pressure of having to work throughout the outbreak or climbing the walls at being stuck at home, these four ways can really help you to keep well during the Coronavirus outbreak both physically and mentally.

Let’s all stay safe !



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