The perfect fragrance for all rooms of the home

With the extensive array of scented candles and diffusers designed for the home, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start.

With diffusers, you can find a suitable place for them in the home, set them up and simply forget about them. The beauty of diffusers is that they’re good for continual overall ambiance. If you chose one with pretty packaging along with a lovely scent, it’ll create both a stylish look and a suitable scent to linger in your chosen room.

Candles, on the other hand, are best for an intimate event in the home, such as an evening dinner or a relaxing bath. This is because candles aren’t just about the scent, the light, scent and warmth they give off sets a mood and atmosphere, too.

Here are some recommendations for which scents to select for the different rooms in your home:

The kitchen

This room dedicated to cooking is usually forgotten when you think of home fragrance, but it’s actually the one that benefits from home fragrance the most. With lingering food smells and usually a stressful atmosphere (for those who don’t enjoy cooking!), it’s ideal to place candles or diffusers on the window ledge, or in the corner of the room, to remove any stale foodie smells.

Ideally, the bets scents which work well in this room include citrus and herb infused scents, like berries, apricots or mint. Because you don’t want this room to constantly have an overpowering scent, it’s best to invest in a candle, which you can light as you please. The House of Purple Rose Almond Blossom, Apricot and Dragon Fruit scented candle is a perfect one to light an hour after cooking.

The bedroom

If turning your mind off and relaxing at night is a challenge, look for a fragrance that incorporates lavender, chamomile, or amber oud, all of which are quite universal scents to enjoy and encourage relaxation. Amber Oud also doubles up as providing a romantic vibe, with notes of woody vanilla which is pleasurable for both men and women.

You could keep an amber oud infused diffuser in the bedroom, such as this Amber Oud Reed Diffuser, to provide that ever-lasting lightly scented air. Or, why not keep an Amber Oud Scented Candle on the bedside table, and light in when reading a book before bed. Just be sure to blow it out before you turn the lights out!

The office

For those who have home offices, you’ll understand that they can sometimes leave you feeling a little dull and uninspired by mid-afternoon. It’s know that peppermint scents can perk up your senses, leaving you feeling much more alert and less anxious. It has also been researched that zingy citrus scents can also do the trick. Lemon and melon scents are great for bringing along those anti-fatigue feelings. Why not invest in a zingy fruit scented diffuser, like this Melon Scented Reed Diffuser, and keep it perched on the shelf to brighten up all the ‘boring’ stuff (like those finance folders and notepads!).

The living room

Many of us often use the lounge either for relaxing or for entertaining, which means the fragrance should be fairly universal, soft and agreeable. Nothing too harsh or overly strong.

Look for creamy and sensual woody fragrances, which have a fresh yet deep scent to them. Cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and almond work well, which infuse subtle sweet notes with aromatic woody scents. A good idea is to keep a scented candle on the coffee table, and light it before guests arrive, or before a long evening of watching a film and relaxing with the family.

A particularly suitable one is the Almond Blossom, Apricot and Dragon Fruit candle, which combines sweet almond scents with a touch of uplifting apricot to soothe and create that feeling of warmth.

Overall, there’s no better way to make your abode feel warm and cosy than with candles and diffusers. So look for one’s which will relax, harmonize, and comfort you.

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