7 Reasons Why Having Facials Are Really Worth It

7 Reasons Why Having Facials Are Really Worth It

They say you can tell a lot about a person just by studying their face, and how true it is. Your face represents your health and how you are currently feeling, and generally reflects your lifestyle. If you haven’t been taking good care of yourself and your skin, you can be sure it will manifest itself on your face instantly.

More and more people are investing time in having regular facials – both at-home facials with quality skincare products, or professional salon-based treatments. Treating yourself to pampering facial treatments are one of the best skin regimes you can adopt. When you give yourself that time to indulge in a facial, every area of the body responds to it.

There are around a whopping 300 pressure points on the face, which relate to every part of the body, therefore a good facial will impact pretty much every organ.

Along with health and relaxation benefits, there are so many benefits to the skin when having regular facials. These include making the face glow instantly, taking away any tiredness and puffiness, brightening, refining, firming – the lot.

Here are 7 reasons why treating our skin to regular facials should be a regular thing.

1. They reduce stress and relieve psychological distress

Regardless of the chosen facial, the way it makes you feel is an important factor. Sure, you will pretty much always feel relaxed and rejuvenated during the treatment, but it’s also the feeling it gives afterwards that plays a big part. The pressure points being massaged will release ‘feel good’ hormones, which will flow through the body in your relaxed state. When you feel this relaxed, the hormones will flow through your bloodstream and help you achieve a calm and content state of mind.

2.They cleanse your skin thoroughly

The art of a good facial is that they start with a deep cleanse every single time. No matter if you take good care of your skin yourself or neglect it, a facialist will always deep cleanse (and generally double cleanse) before carrying out any other treatments to the skin.

This involves following up with a toner and treatment, with products tailored to your skin type and skin concern. Therefore, with regular facials, your skin is in the trusted hands of a professional who will efficiently give your skin the deepest and most effective cleanse it could possibly have.

3.They prevent and slow down aging

Facials can certainly help prevent premature aging, as they work by counteracting the damage happening to your skin. Aestheticians and therapists will always carry out a facial with the best skincare products and techniques which give highly beneficial properties for your skin health, and when this happens, it helps to reverse aging as a general process. There are also specific facials carried out with using a range of AHA’s and BHA’s which work as premature aging treatments. These work to purely target fine lines and wrinkles, working to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

However, regular massage of your face with a good quality range of anti-aging products is something you can carry out weekly at home, too.

4.Facial massage promotes blood circulation

There are many ways to increase your blood flow through the body, and none are more effective than facials in the delicate skin around your face and neck. Facials are a powerful way to increase the circulation of blood around your face. They deliver a rush of blood to the face which enriches the vitality of your facial skin.

Just like the rest of the body, a massaging facial treatment improves both blood and lymph circulation, which can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, making them healthier and more efficient.

5.They rejuvenate the skin

By investing the time into having regular facials, you’ll see a huge improvement to the rejuvenation of the skin. Marks, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring or pigmentation can dull down the skin, make it appear older, and generally give off the look of an unhealthy complexion.

It’s important to choose your facial treatments with care, and to check what products and techniques are being used to give you the tailored rejuvenation treatment you require. It might be that you are looking for an overall brighter and younger looking complexion, or to treat uneven skin and texture. Facials now use a range of tools, ingredients and methods which can deliver all different types of results.

6.Facials can treat acne, scarring and pigmentation

If you suffer from regular breakouts and acne but want to give yourself a facial, look at using products which feature lactic acid and/or salicylic acid. You’ll find these can work wonders for treating acne at the same time. Facials using lactic acid combined with glycolic acid (or even glycolic on its own) are miracle workers for fading pigmentation, red marks and acne scars, by sloughing away at the dead skin layers, revealing newer, fresher skin.

If you want something a little gentler, there are some effective natural ingredients you’ll find in cleansers, masks and moisturisers, such as Tea Tree and Witch Hazel. If you’re acne is more severe, speak to a therapist about facials which address your skin problems; they will always be able to use the best ingredients infused into the facial to treat problem skin.

7.They can act as a deep exfoliation and skin resurfacer

Over time, our skin builds up layers of dead skin, along with signs of damage from the elements. This results in a duller complexion, and a rough, uneven texture to touch. There are many natural ingredients these days that don’t use beads which work as excellent at-home facial exfoliators. Papaya, AHA fruit extracts, Apricot Kernel and Jojoba all provide excellent results.

For those who need a deeper exfoliation, exfoliation facials can be carried out which utilise targeted ingredients massaged into the skin, which speed up cellular turnover and resurface the skin from a deeper level. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are usually the most effective and quickest for results.

Remember, it’s a great idea to at first analyse your skin type and skin conditions before speaking to a salon or clinic about the best facials for you. This way, as well as feeling the benefits of facials mentally and physically, you’ll also get the extra benefit of treating those pesky skin concerns.



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