Natural skincare products for women of colour


Promoting healthy even skin tone and flawless complexion


House of Purple Rose is a premium skincare and fragrance brand. Our Skincare products are made for all women, with the specific needs of women of colour in mind. Our products help to promote great skin health along with helping with some skin concerns which includes hyperpigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, scarring and the visible signs of aging.

Our Fragrance diffusers are hand blended, candles are made from a specially blended wax that offers a clean burn with very good throw of fragrance and all hand-poured for that added personal touch. Every item is lovingly hand finished

We thoughtfully blend natural ingredients together in our products, producing these in small batches to assure quality control. We also lovingly hand-finish and beautifully package our range, adding a touch of luxury for an opulent experience.

We maximize the benefits of each ingredient by using the highest possible percentage and include no fillers in our products


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