House of Purple Rose is a handcrafted skincare, perfumery and home fragrance brand, offering radiance_enhancing and Age defying skincare products that clarifies, rejuvenates, promotes elasticity and provides glowing skin.

We truly believe that loveliness and beauty is the expression of who we are, and how we care for other people. As such, we only create elegant, high performance products that delivers amazing beauty.

Across all of our collections our products are handmade in small batches. Our Fragrance diffusers are hand blended, candles are made from a specially blended wax that offers a clean burn with very good throw of fragrance and all hand-poured for that added personal touch. Every item is lovingly hand finished. Our products are delicately fragranced using blends of high quality aromatic essential oils, fragrance oils & aroma chemicals.

Our Niche Perfumes are beautifully blended with oriental (gourmand, spicy & resin), fresh, citrus, fruity, Chypre, and floral notes with good silage and longevity. It is a diverse and adventurous formulation for both unisex and female. For the women it is a lovely burst of scents floriental which is uplifting, innocent and pure. The unisex blend is rich, dark seductive & spicy.

Our perfumes are a luxurious blend which are self-indulgent, decadent and formulated for the beautiful you.

  • We use Indulgent, high performance botanicals, supercritical extracts, and quality ingredients.
  • Our products can help you achieve your optimal skin health and solve real skin issues
  • We use the highest % of active ingredients for maximum benefits
  • No Fillers, Cruelty – Free

The products that we offer are not just great for you, but can also help you to reveal your real and natural beauty.

Beautiful skin can be yours naturally

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